Friday, June 15, 2012


My name is Pavel Korsukov. I am a technical architect, a .NET developer and a person who is interested in how the IT systems work. I have developed applications, managed requirements, directed a team and contacted with system architecture on day-to-day basis. Now I would like to write about projects I participated in.

In this blog I would like to describe the real life systems which I had the honour to plan, develop or support. My aim is to warn my readers about mistakes in the architecture I saw and to enrich them with my real life experience. Also I will describe the internal processes which accompany the technical design of a complex system.

Technical architecture of the IT systems without a dedicated architect rarely follows single strategy. The more releases are made the more unclean an architecture become. New requirements and the lack of time cause a bad architecture. Things are worse if there is no separate person who is responsible for system architecture and the company’s infrastructure integration. I will try to demonstrate how to avoid this by means of organization management, strategy planning and usage of automated tools.

System architecture is suffered from the lack of knowledge. There are a lot of architecture frameworks. But there is a gap in the knowledge about details of implementation. Real life experience doesn’t accumulate within the area. It is true for IT as a whole industry. To help freshmen in adaption with the complex systems is also a task for this blog.

Please hold in mind that depends on requirements the technical design can be substantially different. It major depends on speed, load, resources and development time requirements. So, all information is provided for general information purposes only. You can use it on your own risk.

Text, images and the other content of this blog are protected by the Creative Commons license. Please link this blog if you quote it or if you use some of my materials. Please contact me if you would like to use it for commercial purposes.

I am not a native English speaker. That is why any corrections of grammar are welcome. If you have some interesting projects to discuss you can contact me on LinkedIn.

Your comments are welcome! Let’s start!

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